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Welcome to the future of Augmented Reality. We are here to help you with your AR software and hardware needs.

Utilizing the latest in holographic hardware and software technology 3D Hologroup is building the future.

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We can create your custom Augmented Reality software for your business.

We have the tools and know-how to create the perfect AR app to suit your business needs.

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We are authorized Mad Gaze resellers.

We have partnered with Mad Gaze to bring you the latest in consumer AR glasses.

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We have an Affiliate program.

Want to help bring Augmented Reality to the masses with us? Sign up for our Affiliate program.

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Smart phone

Aren't ready for headsets or glasses?

No problem, we can develop Augmented Reality applications for your Android and iPhone users.

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We develop software for the following devices:

Mad Gaze
Mad Gaze glasses are the premier Augmented Reality glasses for consumers. You can learn about the device and purchase here Mad Gaze
Microsoft Hololens
This is Microsoft's holographic Augmented Reality device. You can learn about the device and purchase here Hololens
Meta 2
This device is made by Meta. You can learn more about the device and purchase here Meta
Magic Leap
One of the first Augmented Reality devices for consumers. You can learn about the device and purchare here Magic Leap
Android and iPhone devices
We now support Android and iPhone phones that run ARCore/ARKit.
Coming soon! nReal will begin selling their consumer AR product sometime in 2019 and we will begin supporting it as soon as it's out.