Foldable electric scooters for commuters and city dwellers

Foldable electric scooters for commuters and city dwellers

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Scoot it. (Depositphotos/)

A few years ago, the Segway was supposed to revolutionize personal transport. It was going to replace the bike and become ubiquitous in urban centers and suburbs alike. Then, well, we saw how people looked on them. Meanwhile, the humble eScooter quietly went about its business and ended up doing what the Segway had hoped to achieve.

You can’t go anywhere without seeing young and old alike motoring along on eScooters, so if you’ve been curious to dive in yourself, here are some options to get you going.

Get to work in style.

Get to work in style. (Amazon/)

The Hiboy S2 is a durable eScooter that is ideal for moving from street to train and back again. It’s collapsible and can be made small enough to fit under subway seats or overhead compartments on trains. It can travel up to 18.6 miles on a single charge and features an accompanying app that allows for remote locking. It also comes with an attachable seat if you prefer that to standing while riding. It features anti-lock breaking and has front, middle, and three rear lights for added safety during urban commutes. It’s your new favorite work buddy.

Hello, Dolly.

Hello, Dolly. (Amazon/)

Designed to be as economical with electricity as it is lightweight and portable, the Glion is just 28 pounds and can be folded in two and carried with ease when not in use. The 250-watt brushless hub motor can go for 15 miles on one charge, with a top speed of around 15 miles per hour. The Glion is also extremely quiet, which is great for those motoring through congested streets (or for those who are simply self-conscious). A foot-activated pedal allows you to dismount and fold up in a snap, and a special carrying case (sold separately) allows you to pull it along like a wheeled suitcase.

Not just a scooter.

Not just a scooter. (Amazon/)

Are you not sure if you want a full eScooter or just a small bike? We not have both (sort of)? The Razor EcoSmart combines the lightweight versatility of an eScooter with the benefits of a bike, including a seat, kickstand, and even a basket. Its battery-powered 500-watt torque motor runs quiet, and the rear disc braking system assures safe travels. It can motor up to an impressive 18 mph, and can run continuously for 40 minutes before powering down. The coasted frame and bamboo deck are stylish bonus points, too.

Who’s laughing now?

Who’s laughing now? (Amazon/)

Sure, Segway didn’t actually change transportation as we know it with their original stand-up gyro-people mover, but they haven’t gone all-or-nothing on it, either. The Ninebot MAX is Segway’s entry into the more traditional eScooter market, and it’s solid. Able to zoom along at 18.6 mph for 40 minutes straight and strong enough to carry 220 pounds, the Ninebot combines performance with a lot of tech savvy. The accompanying app (as well as the digital readout on the handlebars) enables cruise control, riding stats, and remote locking—and the whole thing can be easily folded up for storage or transportation. Bonus: The “self-healing” wheels are incredibly puncture proof and ensure long rides for a long time.

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