Elevate your bathroom with these smart mirrors

Elevate your bathroom with these smart mirrors

2020-04-01 08:35:21

Mirror, mirror on the wall. (Amazon/)

If you’re somebody with a home assistant, a smart home, and a robot vacuum, you may want to opt into a smart mirror for your bathroom, vanity, or desktop. Tech savvy mirrors can light you well, tell you the weather, and play your music. Below, four of our favorite mirrors that will make your daily routine easier.

A luxe bathroom experience.

A luxe bathroom experience. (Amazon/)

This is a sophisticated smart mirror that will bring your bathroom to the next level. It has features that will make you never want to use a regular mirror again, but it won’t overwhelm you. Its anti-fog function is nothing short of amazing—no need to let that hot steam out by opening the bathroom door. You’ll be able to see yourself right away. Its backlit LED lights, which make it look especially tasteful, are dimmable with simple switch control. Don’t worry about it short-circuiting; it’s waterproof too.

A mirror James Bond might like.

A mirror James Bond might like. (Amazon/)

Here’s everything you’d want in a smart bathroom mirror: sleek design, LED-backlit lighting, and anti-fog function. You can change the color temperature on the LED lights between warm and cool, too. Where this mirror really sets itself apart is its Bluetooth audio that allows you to play 360 surround sound music. Your experience of singing in the shower just got better. It also has a little calendar and clock display, so you won’t have to keep your phone in the bathroom while you’re getting ready.

Step up your bathroom game.

Step up your bathroom game. (Amazon/)

This mirror’s features are all extremely practical: it reports real-time weather, tells you the day and time, and has anti-fog tech that allows you to enjoy the warmth of a post-shower bathroom while doing your makeup.

Look good and feel good too.

Look good and feel good too. (Amazon/)

If you’ve been doing your makeup at your desk and want an upgrade, this mirror is a fun option that is well worth your money. It’s a decent size (a bit larger than an iPad), and you can rotate it so it sits vertically or horizontally. The twenty LED lights around the perimeter will give you the right lighting so that you don’t walk out with streaky foundation. There’s a detachable magnification mirror if you like having the option to get close up reflection. Our favorite feature is the wireless Bluetooth audio speaker, which allows you to put on your favorite jam while you get glam. It comes in black, white, gold, and rose gold.

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