Four robot vacuums that also mop

Four robot vacuums that also mop

2020-04-05 17:55:20

Intelligent cleaners to ease your workload. (Depositphotos/)

Robot vacuums are absolute game changers when it comes to keeping a clean home. You can schedule them to vacuum and mop while you’re out, so you return to a sparkling floor. They’re effective in clearing dust and dirt from carpets and hardwood surfaces alike. Sensors help them navigate your space efficiently, so they won’t bump into table legs or disturb your pets. Most importantly, they save you from having to sweep, vacuum or mop manually. Here are a few of our favorite robot vacuums to help start you on your search.

Uses lasers to map your home.

Uses lasers to map your home. (Amazon /)

This high-powered robot vacuum and mop has many modes—quiet, balanced, carpet, turbo, mop, and max. Max mode reaches its highest suction level of a whopping 2000Pa. Balanced mode mops and vacuums simultaneously. It works for up to 150 minutes at a time and self-recharges. With the Mi Home app on your phone, you can choose when it cleans, which areas you want it to focus on, check the water tank, and more. The Roborock S5 is also compatible with Alexa.

Cleans along the sides of walls.

Cleans along the sides of walls. (Amazon/)

This robot vacuum and mop has four modes—automatic cleaning, spot-cleaning, scheduled cleaning, and edge cleaning along walls. It has large wheels to navigate uneven floors. It has sensors to avoid bumping into furniture and falling cliffs. It also automatically docks and recharges. The mop function requires filling its water tank and attaching the mopping pad to the front. It is best to do a dry vacuum run before mopping with this machine.

HEPA filtration and six cleaning modes.

HEPA filtration and six cleaning modes. (Amazon/)

This machine is compact and effective. It vacuums both from its bottom and its sides, filtering the air it moves through with HEPA filtration. It has a max suction of 900Pa and can navigate hard floors and low carpets well with its large wheels. The Dibea also has sensors to avoid bumps and falls, working quietly without disruption. It has a runtime of 120 minutes and can clean a space of nearly 1,300 square feet in one charge. It will automatically return to its charging station when low on battery. There are six modes to cycle through, including spot-clean, scheduled clean, and mop.

Less expensive with many of the S5’s features.

Less expensive with many of the S5’s features. (Amazon/)

Roborock’s E25 delivers many of the S5′s features—like Alexa compatibility and smart mapping—but at a lower cost. This option uses 13 sensors to navigate your home safely and efficiently, switching automatically to a max suction of 1800Pa when working on a carpet. It has two modes—vacuum or vacuum and mop. It also has a large dustbin, so it can clean a large floor in one go.

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