Four electric grills that bring the barbecue inside

Four electric grills that bring the barbecue inside

2020-04-10 09:34:00

Grill veggies in the dead of winter. ( Mark DeYoung via Unsplash/)

Like tank tops and regrettable footwear, grilling just seems to happen the instant warm weather appears. But for those who either don’t have to space for an outdoor grill or feel that grilling shouldn’t be confined to the spring and summer months, there are electric options that keep the (figurative) coals burning all year long.

From large family BBQ stations to compact, apartment-friendly mini-grills, there is an electric option that works for you.

A Ninja that can’t help but draw attention to itself.

A Ninja that can’t help but draw attention to itself. (Amazon/)

Capable of grilling four decent-sized steaks on its 10×10 inch ceramic grill plate—which is a selling point on its own—the Foodi can also bake, roast, air crisp, and dehydrate. It’s a multi-function kitchen beast, and will change the way you prepare foods in general, well beyond just grilling. It has easy-to-clean, dishwasher-safe components, and even comes with a recipe book. A champ.

Don’t call it a panini press.

Don’t call it a panini press. (Amazon/)

It may look like just a panini grill, but this Cuisinart offering can do a lot more than just that. With adjustable temperatures up to 450 degrees, the GR-5BP1 can function as a full grill, griddle, and contact grill in addition to a panini press. The plates are removable and dishwasher safe, and the clear LCD display is extremely user-friendly. Just don’t use metal utensils like spatulas, as the plates are prone to scratching.

Bringing some cred to indoor grilling.

Bringing some cred to indoor grilling. (Amazon/)

Giving the lie to the notion that indoor grills just don’t match up to their large, hulking outdoor counterparts, the Breville Smart Grill is a powerhouse. It features adjustable height settings and a tilt plate to catch fat and runoff, as well as distinct heating modes including Low, Panini, and Sear. Plus, the entire grill can be made to lay flat in what they call “BBQ Mode.” It’s all wrapped up on a sleek and impressive package.

Brings the heat.

Brings the heat. (Amazon/)

The perfect middle ground between a small indoor all-in-one electric grill and a big outdoor gas grill, the Weber 2400 packs 1560 watt heating capacity to an impressive 280 square inch total cooking space (enough to cook 12 reasonably-sized hamburgers). It also comes with a 6-foot grounded cord, which makes it a nice option for small balconies or porches. The porcelain-enameled, cast-iron cooking grate is sturdy and up to any and all tasks.

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