Toasters that will deliver golden brown perfection

Toasters that will deliver golden brown perfection

2020-04-10 14:43:37

The toast of the town. (Amazon/)

We love a perfectly browned piece of toast with just the right amount of butter It should be easy, but there are so many ways it can go wrong: uneven color, toasted only on one side, and burning before you know it. A toaster should do its job without you having to monitor your bread the whole time, and the more intuitive the better. Plus, no one wants to struggle to get burnt crumbs out of the slice slots, so it should be easy to clean as well. These are four of our favorite toasters that do a great job, so you can get on with your day.

Toast like you’ve never toasted before.

Toast like you’ve never toasted before. (Amazon/)

Thoughtful design choices set this toaster apart, from its extra-wide bread slots to its guides that automatically adjust to every thickness of toast. It’s great for high-volume kitchens, with its ability to prepare up to four slices at once, plus the slide-out crumb tray offers easy cleanup after a busy breakfast. In addition to the easily adjustable toast darkness settings, it also offers custom modes for bagels and frozen foods—or for simply keeping your toast warm while you finish in the shower.

Boasting a nice end-of-cycle beep.

Boasting a nice end-of-cycle beep. (Amazon/)

This is a serious toaster for those of you who are willing to spend a little more upfront. It has many great features and will outlive some of the cheaper options. This is a two-slice machine that has wide enough slots to fit all the bagels and rustic slices your heart desires. It has a sliding temperature scale (numbered 1-5), so you can decide if you want a light toast or a deep brown. Our favorite features are the two buttons up top: one that lets you “lift and look” to check your toast’s doneness and another to give your toast just “a bit more” time.

An even brown for the best toast in town.

An even brown for the best toast in town. (Amazon/)

This is a great option if you are looking for an affordable, compact, and cute toaster. Its bright yellow color is bound to cheer up any kitchen. While it might not handle your heftiest bagel, the two slots will give most pieces of bread the perfect hue without taking up much counter space. It has a great removable come tray, and it comes with a brush so there won’t be any more burnt crumbs stuck inside your machine. When you’re racing out the door in the morning, this little powerhouse will get your bread warmed up in what feels like no time.

Long slices at affordable prices.

Long slices at affordable prices. (Amazon/)

If you like your loaves from bakeries and farmers’ markets, your version of a slice can be a lot longer than the typical square. This toaster allows you to keep the integrity of the long slice. The two slots are 1.5 inches wide and long enough to fit all your favorite artisanal breads. The high lift lever allows you to check on your toast’s progress without stopping it altogether, and it also helps you remove small pieces of bread without burning your fingers. This toaster can handle anything you throw in it: defrost, reheat, and keep things warm to your heart’s desire. It also comes in three attractive shades in case you feel like spicing up your kitchen with a splash of red.

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