3D HoloGroup releases the World’s First Augmented Reality Billiards Game


Have you ever wanted to play a game of billiards, but do not have the space for a table?  We are pleased to announce the world’s first augmented reality billiards game, released in the Magic Leap App Store.  Play a game of pool without having to leave your home or business, without a large table that takes up space, and take it anywhere.   Today 3D HoloGroup, Inc. released our 3DHoloPool app, it is now live in the Magic Leap app store!  If you own a Magic Leap device please visit and download the game.  We are open to your feedback at support@3dhologroup.com

3D HoloGroup, Inc. not only sells headsets, such as MAD Gaze’s Vader and GLOW, but also develops software.  The company writes its own applications and provides services and solutions for other companies as well.  The company recently released a beta version of a revolutionary new product named 3DHoloAppDev, available in Microsoft’s app store.  3DHoloAppDev is our patent-pending software that developers can use to create databases quickly in augmented reality.

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