Deep fryers to introduce you to the world of at-home donuts and corn dogs

Deep fryers to introduce you to the world of at-home donuts and corn dogs

2020-04-15 17:10:33

For crispy, tasty food. (Louis Hansel via Unsplash/)

Whether you’re a grade-A chef or just starting to experiment, you may want to take a chance on a deep fryer for your home. With an electric deep fryer, you will be able to make crowd favorites like french fries, onion rings, mozzarella sticks, corndogs, donuts, and more. Surprise your guests and spice up your parties or have a fried treat at a family meal. Go big with a beer-battered fish, southern fried chicken, or fried green tomatoes. A deep fryer at home means you don’t have to regularly drop a ton of money at a restaurant for some of your favorite dishes.

Order-up to your kitchen table.

Order-up to your kitchen table. (Amazon/)

The T-fal is the best deep fryer in the business. It can hold 3.5 liters of your preferred oil and 2.65 pounds of food, perfect for a family meal or hors d’oeuvres. It has an adjustable thermostat so you can select the perfect cooking temperature for each of your fried creations. This fryer will perfectly crisp whatever you throw at it, or rather, into it and best of all, it will help you clean up after. The T-fal comes with an automatic oil filtration system that will drain the excess oil from your fry basket into a plastic tub below, primed for reuse- saving you (and your wallet) a trip to the store. This deep fryer also comes with cool-touch handles, an odor filter, and dishwashable parts.

Be the talk of the town on game day.

Be the talk of the town on game day. (Amazon/)

This Presto deep fryer is a magical appliance guaranteed to transform your fried food possibilities and give you great results for your larger shindigs. It can hold 4.7 liters of oil and up to 5 pounds of food so you will be able to get dinner done in a hurry. The prize feature here is the two-basket setup, meaning you can fry two different foods at the same time without having to mix them together. The Pro Fry comes with oblong fry baskets, which is preferred for frying things like meat or fish, an adjustable thermostat, and signal lights so you know when your oil is ready. If you are hoping to handle a variety of foods in one go, the Presto is going to be the one for you.

Your first fryer.

Your first fryer. (Amazon/)

If you’re on a budget or just beginning your fried food adventures we recommend another Presto favorite, the GranPappy. This fryer is clean and simple, no bells or whistles needed to get great tasting food. It holds around 1.4 liters of oil and 6 cups of food. Its bucket shape and overall size mean you don’t need a basket to get your food perfectly fried. The GranPappy comes with a slotted spoon to help turn those fried green tomatoes over and eventually lift them out. Like the T-fal, you can strain the remaining oil back into the bucket, snap the lid on, and store for next time. It has an easily washable, non-stick finish and will heat oil in roughly 15 minutes. While the GranPappy is a little smaller and only heats to one temperature it is a great introduction to home-frying.

Fry like the wind.

Fry like the wind. (Amazon/)

The Cuisinart deep fryer is fairly similar to the T-fal but comes at a lower price point. It can handle up to 2.3 lbs of food and holds around 3.8 liters of oil. Its heating element will get you uniform high heat while cooking, a feature that shouldn’t be taken for granted when searching for a deep fryer. It also has an impressively fast heat-up and recovery time. The CDF 200P-1 has a stainless steel frying basket with a cool-touch handle that can be thrown into the dishwasher, along with the oil container and cooking lid, making clean-up a breeze. The Cuisinart fryer is compact and clean, plus it comes with a little booklet full of helpful suggestions for setting up and maintaining your new fry buddy.

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