Resistance bands that will take your workout to the next level

Resistance bands that will take your workout to the next level

2020-04-21 13:20:34

Stretch it out. (Geert Pieters via Unsplash/)

There’s only so much that running in the park will do to keep you feeling strong and toned. Luckily, there are lots of ways to make your at-home workouts more effective without having to throw down for a Peloton. Resistance bands are an affordable and effective way to light up your floor routine. Squats with a resistance band will make you feel the burn and see the results faster than you might imagine. You really can take resistance bands anywhere because they’re so light and compact, so on the days you feel like running outside you can do both. Here are three of our favorite sets to take your workout up a notch.

Round out your workout.

Round out your workout. (Amazon/)

Circle bands like these help fire up your glutes, which are notoriously difficult for modern humans to activate. These are made of strong elastic material, but covered in cotton to avoid pinching or rolling. When you’ve finished sweating it out, these resistance bands also offer a great way to stretch. Inch by inch, these bands will help you fulfill your dream of touching your toes.

For a better strut and a cuter butt.

For a better strut and a cuter butt. (Amazon/)

Nothing is more annoying than having to fidget with your gear in the middle of a workout. We love these Recredo bands because they stay in place and are comfortable too. The soft fabric won’t tug or pinch your skin, and the elastic inside the bands is quite durable. No matter how hard you’re working out, these bands won’t get stretched out. We also appreciate that the purchase comes with three different intensity bands, so you can adjust your workout as needed. They’ll make a home workout hassle free, and if you feel like taking them to the park they come in a lightweight black bag.

Tend to your rear end.

Tend to your rear end. (Amazon/)

If you’re looking for a full body home gym that you can pack up in a gym bag, look no further. This 22-piece set from Chareada comes with everything you need for an excellent workout. Five loop resistance bands of varying strengths are great for targeting your legs and glutes. Add the handles to the tube resistance bands and attach them to your door frame for upper body exercises. When it’s time for core work, the two core sliders will give you the right amount of movement to help build strength. This is an amazing set for the price, and it even comes with wrist wraps and a towel.

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