Yoga accessories to help you practice smarter

Yoga accessories to help you practice smarter

2020-04-22 20:10:18

A few accessories may make your yoga habit a bit more comfortable. (Avrielle Suleiman via Unsplash/)

Images of beautiful people doing advanced yoga poses on rocky seawalls and windswept beaches may look idyllic. In reality they are a recipe for falling into the ocean, itchy sand in your hair, and sunburn. There’s no shame in using the right tools in the right setting for your practice. Stop slipping and sliding on your mat, and repurposing random pillows and towels as bolsters and makeshift straps. With these four yoga accessories, you can spend less time worrying about your equipment and more time enjoying each mindful inhale and exhale.

You don’t have to bring your beach towel to hot yoga.

You don’t have to bring your beach towel to hot yoga. (Amazon/)

Another thing often missing from yoga pictures? Sweat. If you find yourself frequently using a towel to wipe off your mat and keep your hands or feet from slipping, this yoga towel will be a huge improvement. At 68 inches long and 24 inches wide, it covers the majority of the average mat. The polyester blend material is designed to absorb sweat, wick it away from your body, and dry quickly. Tiny silicone nubs on the underside keep the towel in place. With a beautiful design eco-friendly dye, and material sourced from recycled plastic bottles, this towel stylishly complements your existing practice.

Treat your feet.

Treat your feet. (Amazon/)

Are you looking for a little more traction on your mat or a way to practice without a mat when traveling? These unisex yoga socks have grippy silicone bottoms and can even be used on regular floors for impromptu asanas on the road. If the thought of practicing in a room with lots of other sweaty people with bare feet seems icky, these socks can make you feel more comfortable while keeping your feet drier. You can also wear them in ballet barre classes if you like to switch up your exercise routine.

Bolster your commitment to relaxation.

Bolster your commitment to relaxation. (Amazon/)

Your first restorative yoga class can feel like being the recipient of classified information. Yes, you really can do deep stretches in yoga by lying around and propping yourself up with blankets and cushions. This rectangular 2-pound bolster is designed especially for a restorative practice, and features handles on both ends and durable fabric you can spot or dry clean. If you follow online tutorials you can finally experience postures as they’re meant to be felt, rather than trying to approximate them with couch cushions or pillows that sag or poke you in the back.

Lengthen your muscles.

Lengthen your muscles. (Amazon/)

A simple strap with a buckle can assist you in getting a powerful stretch as part of your warm-up or cool-down exercise routine in addition to allowing you to sink further into certain yoga poses. This strong strap is made from natural cotton webbing, which protects hands and feet from slipping better than slick synthetics. It’s eight feet long to give you plenty of room to double it up as needed, and the buckle can secure loops easily, so you really can keep that foot above your head.

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