3D HoloGroup releases the MAD Gaze GLOW

Mad Gaze Glow

3D HoloGroup releases the MAD Gaze GLOW in the North America

The Augmented Reality consumer smart glasses you have been waiting for are here!  Starting at only $529!

That is correct folks, it has been a long time coming but we are finally at a price point where smart glasses are becoming main stream and our partners at Mad Gaze have figured out a way to get a big screen on some tiny glasses.  The Mad Gaze Glow are the entry level glasses base model that won’t cost an arm and a leg.  The way they were able to do this is by utilizing your Android phone’s processing power and battery to power them up.  With a 45 degree FOV and the ability to mimic a 90 in TV with 720p resolution these glasses are a must have for today’s techie and businessman alike.

All of your Android apps, iPhone soon to come, can be used on the glasses as well as any 3D/Augmented Reality apps.  They are a big screen TV for your Netflix or Hulu while you are relaxing in bed, a way to see your favorite websites up close and personal, a way to have complete privacy while using your phone as nobody can see your screen but you and they are the size of a pair of sunglasses!

We have been told by the manufacturer that we will only get limited stock and we will sell out fast as these glasses have gotten very popular worldwide.  Get yours here today: https://3dhologroup.com/mad-gaze-glow/

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