Trending Extended Technology in 2020

Trending Extended Technology in 2020

2020-05-19 06:40:12

Virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) is known collectively as extended reality (XR).

As per IDC predictions, the XR market was enjoying about 60% of the total world spending in 2018 and it is expected to hit 85% of the total world spending by the end of 2021, with retail, transportation, manufacturing and public sectors, healthcare sector, education sector on the top of the chart.

The most anticipated breakthrough will be Apple’s forthcoming 8K combined VR/AR glasses that will not be tethered by computer or phone. Tech giant hopes it will be the one to break XR into the mainstream with high end and affordable device just like iphone.

Emergence of AR-based indoor navigation: We are aware that GPS-built in software and maps help locate shop, hospital but AR powered navigation systems will assist people indoors. They will instruct them the path towards any particular product, software, or location in an engaging and effortless way.

AR avatars: A significant rise has been experienced in the popularity of virtual celebrities like Activ8’s Kizuna AI and Brud’s Lil Miquela. Marketers are expected to incorporate these avatars into their business processes not solely for attracting users, but helping them in navigation inside/outside the physical store, add a tint of beauty to their overall experience, and more

Self driving vehicles with the power of AR: In 2020, various automotive industry leaders will embrace the idea of using XR to redefine the way people move and travel in the form of voice assistants, in-car AR, and more.

5G will speed up AR/VR evolution: 5G, by offering a super-fast mobile network, will increase the pace of data transfer to the cloud, its processing, and formation of a virtual image that will later deliver an enhanced virtual experience to the consumers. Technology will boost the experience level even in low-bandwidth, low-powered environments. Making it possible to enjoy better augmented experience with cheaper headsets and devices too.

6. Advent of WebAR: AR experience was limited to mobile devices.But now, the WebAR has come into existence. As depicted from the name, this will facilitate users to interact with augmented reality in the web space.

7. Remote assistance via virtual and augmented reality: To get a clear idea of the use of AR/VR apps for remote collaboration and communication assistance, check out the video below:

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