Portfolio ideas for college?

2020-05-22 11:20:24

Applying to SCAD’s immersive reality program, the first XR degree program ever! How exciting right?? Only problem is not only are SATs not being accepted due to COVID-19 making in person tests impossible and I also come from a bit of a checkered past so my GPA from high school isn’t the greatest. That leaves me with a portfolio! Not being at a level to produce actual content that would be portfolio worth is there a way I could possibly make a concept portfolio or something? No clue never made a portfolio for any form of XR before. I have a lot of absolutely unreal experiences, maybe use those and how they effected me to make VR experience concepts? Really have to clue how one would go about doing any of those but hey gotta start somewhere. Please let me know any help is super appreciated!

Side note: Thank you very much to everyone on this thread for helping me choose to seek an education for my reality sculpting goals! I asked about some possible certifications but you all hit me with a much needed reality check and after much reflecting I decided you were all right. College is the way to go. Thank you!

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