3D HoloGroup and ThirdEye, makers of the X2 MR/AR Smart Glasses, sign Agreement

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3D HoloGroup and ThirdEye, Makers of the X2 MR Smart Glasses, Sign Reseller Agreement

Ft. Lauderdale, FL – 9/28/2020: 3D HoloGroup, the augmented reality (AR) software architecture and systems integration company, and ThirdEye, leader in AR enterprise hardware and software solutions, have signed a reseller Partner agreement.

3D HoloGroup is on track to provide the largest selection of AR hardware and ancillary brands on the market. Customers in the healthcare sector use 3D HoloGroup products and services to help explore methods for treatment and therapy of disorders, diseases and viruses, such as COVID‐19), in order to enhance patient and care worker collaboration. The company additionally develops systems used in education, training, safety and related instructional use for safer work environments and government requirements, visually enhanced comprehension of complex procedures, and every use with AR a mind can create.

At just 300 grams, ThirdEye’s X2 MR Glasses are the lightest mixed reality glasses on the market and are suited for comfortable, extensive wear in all conditions. The Android 9.0 based glasses fit a wide, 42-degree field of view, provide powerful sensors (thermal and ambient light), and a built-in proprietary simultaneous localization and mapping system, called VisionEye SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping), that allows for advanced MR features not available on a monocular device.

“We could not be more pleased with our agreement with ThirdEye,” said Greg Partin, CEO of 3D HoloGroup. “Its platform assists enterprise organizations and workers in healthcare, first response teams, field service, aerospace and defense, automotive, utilities, and oil and gas to become more productive and efficient in mission-critical tasks. These are exactly the markets we develop systems for as well.”

“It’s one of our main goals here at ThirdEye to tailor our software and hardware to meet the needs of our customers and those on the job,” said Nick Cherukuri, CEO and Founder of ThirdEye. “With AR technology playing a vital role in the enterprise now more than ever, we’re looking forward to working with 3D HoloGroup to bring new and innovative solutions spanning all verticals.”

3D HoloGroup partners encompass globally respected names in artificial intelligence, technology, design and quality. They trust 3D HoloGroup to deliver the best, most efficient, technically advanced and cost-effective solution their customers and our customers demand.

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