Qualcomm XR Enterprise Program adds 3D HoloGroup to Roster of Industry-Leading Augmented and Virtual Reality Solution Providers

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Ft. Lauderdale, FL – 12/13/2020                                                              

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Qualcomm XR Enterprise Program adds 3D HoloGroup, the augmented reality (AR) software architecture and systems integration company, to Roster of Industry-Leading Augmented and Virtual Reality Solution Providers


Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., a subsidiary of Qualcomm Incorporated, has added 3D HoloGroup to its Qualcomm® XR Enterprise Program (XEP) first unveiled at Enterprise Wearable Technology Summit 2019. The Qualcomm XEP is designed to accelerate the adoption of virtual (VR) and augmented reality (AR), collectively known as extended reality (XR), in industries including architecture, engineering and construction, aerospace, automotive, education, energy, entertainment, food & beverage, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, retail, transportation and travel. The program offers members access to a global community of resources, promotional and co-marketing opportunities, business development and visibility into upcoming Qualcomm Technologies’ hardware and software roadmap and product features, among other benefits.


In its inaugural year, Qualcomm XEP members are already disrupting several industries. 3D HoloGroup is currently in the design and implementation mode with three innovative concepts that will revolutionize the automation and medical sectors. Greg Partin commented, “We could not be more pleased than to be a part of Qualcomm’s enterprise program and join the ranks of such a prestigious group of technology companies.” He added, “We’re working on some projects now we believe will benefit not only the enterprise community in efficiencies, but will make it easier for physicians and healthcare workers to do their job and people with debilitating disorders to function”.


About 3D HoloGroup

3D HoloGroup, the AR software architecture and systems integration specialist, is on track to provide the largest selection of AR hardware and ancillary brands on the market. Our customers come from a wide array of enterprise and commercial sectors. They use 3D HoloGroup products and services to provide instructional training for their personnel, students and customers; create hands-free, safer work environments and compliance with government regulations, enhance comprehension with visual learning of complex procedures; and many other uses AR lends itself to. Our partners encompass globally respected names in augmented reality, artificial intelligence, technology, design and quality. They trust us to deliver the best, most efficient, technically advanced and cost effective solution their customers, and our customers, demand.


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