3D HoloGroup, Welcomes Dave Outlaw as Member of the Advisory Board

3D HoloGroup

Augmented Technology


Ft. Lauderdale, FL – 1/31/2021                                                              

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3D HoloGroup, the Augmented Reality (AR) Software Architecture and Systems Integration Company, Welcomes Dave Outlaw, Innovation Facilitator and Manufacturing Consultant, as Member of the Advisory Board.

With a forty year history in manufacturing and engineering, Dave Outlaw brings successful management, training, and consulting experience from a wide variety of industrial settings. Outlaw aids companies in these sectors through the implementation of digital technologies that provide entrepreneurs a way to boost manufacturing by making innovation a much more streamlined and efficient process, giving companies a steady revenue stream in the process while enhancing company performance.

Mario L Castellanos, COO for 3D HoloGroup said, “I’ve known Dave for over ten years, waiting for the right opportunity to work with him directly. Dave Outlaw’s inclusion on 3D HoloGroup’s advisory board reflects our dedication to manufacturing and business operations. Augmented Reality lends itself well to both of these sectors, especially in product tracking, documentation, and improving operational efficiency. We have no doubt that the knowledge and experience he brings with him will allow us to better service these sectors, tapping into Augmented Reality’s full potential as a tool to be leveraged by companies across the globe.”

About 3D HoloGroup

3D HoloGroup, the AR software architecture and systems integration specialist, is on track to provide the largest selection of AR hardware and ancillary brands on the market. Our customers come from a wide array of enterprise and commercial sectors. They use 3D HoloGroup products and services to provide instructional training for their personnel, students and customers; create hands-free, safer work environments and compliance with government regulations, enhance comprehension with visual learning of complex procedures; and many other uses AR lends itself to. Our partners encompass globally respected names in augmented reality, artificial intelligence, technology, design and quality. They trust us to deliver the best, most efficient, technically advanced and cost effective solution their customers, and our customers, demand.


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