3D HoloGroup Incorporates I-SAID™ Technology

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Ft. Lauderdale, FL – 11/28/2022                                                              

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3D HoloGroup Incorporates I-SAID™ Technology

3D HoloGroup, the augmented reality (AR) software architecture and systems integration company, has moved ahead and incorporated I-SAID™, an “Interactional Sight Activated Interface Device” technology, for use in the CommunicatAR product.

With I-SAID™, users have the ability to interactively move their head to “gaze” at holographic context menus shown inside lightweight AR glasses and choose words from the context menus that can be strung together to form sentences. Once the sentence is complete, the user will click a button and the software will use text-to-speech technology to read their sentence out loud using the AR device’s speaker system. The application utilizes AI and machine learning to predict, over time, the user’s commonly used phrases and speech pattern, so the software learns how the user speaks and can more effectively string together commonly used phrases and words.

CommunicatAR allows users with motor speech disorders such as dysarthria, a disorder resulting from a brain injury or neurological condition that can affect one or more speech subsystems, to more effectively communicate with people around them. These neurological diseases and disorders affect the human brain at any age.  CommunicatAR is has entered trials in which may be free, it is recommended to inquiry on the website.

About 3D HoloGroup

3D HoloGroup, the AR software architecture and systems integration specialist, is on track to provide the largest selection of AR systems, hardware and ancillary brands on the market. Our customers come from a wide array of enterprise and commercial sectors. They use 3D HoloGroup products and services to provide instructional training for their personnel, students and customers; create hands-free, safer work environments and compliance with government regulations; enhance comprehension with visual learning of complex procedures; and many other uses AR lends itself to. Our partners encompass globally respected names in augmented reality, artificial intelligence, technology, design and quality. They trust us to deliver the best, most efficient, technically advanced and cost-effective solution their customers, and our customers, demand.

For more information, please visit the I-SAID webpage at https://3dhologroup.com/i-said/

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