3D HoloGroup To Host Live Demo Of CommunicatAR, A Revolutionary Augmented Reality SGD

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FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – May 30, 2023 – 3D HoloGroup, a leading innovator in Augmented Reality (AR) technology, is excited to announce a live demo event for its groundbreaking product, CommunicatAR. The event will take place on June 21st, 2023, at 6pm Eastern Standard Time (EST). This milestone occasion will showcase the incredible capabilities of CommunicatAR, an AR-based speech generating device designed to enhance communication and foster inclusivity.

With an unwavering commitment to leveraging technology for positive change, 3D HoloGroup has developed CommunicatAR to revolutionize the way people communicate, particularly those with speech impairments. By harnessing the power of Augmented Reality and artificial intelligence, CommunicatAR provides an intuitive and accessible platform for individuals to express themselves confidently and effectively.

During the live demo, attendees will have the opportunity to witness firsthand the transformative potential of CommunicatAR. The event will be hosted by a team of experts from 3D HoloGroup, who will present the device’s key features and demonstrate its ease of use. Participants will observe how CommunicatAR leverages advanced AR technology and integrates with AI algorithms to convert text or symbols into real-time speech, facilitating seamless communication in a variety of settings.

“We are thrilled to showcase CommunicatAR and its game-changing capabilities at our live demo event,” said Bob Zeccardi, Chief Growth Officer at 3D HoloGroup. “We believe that communication is a fundamental right for everyone, and our mission is to empower individuals with speech impairments to express themselves with confidence. CommunicatAR is the culmination of extensive research and cutting-edge technology, and we can’t wait to share its potential with the world.”

The live demo will provide a platform for attendees to ask questions, engage with the experts, and gain a comprehensive understanding of how CommunicatAR can transform the lives of individuals with speech impairments, as well as benefit a wide range of industries and applications.

Details of the Live Demo:

– Date: June 21st, 2023

– Time: 6pm Eastern Standard Time (EST)

– Location: Virtual via Zoom

– Event Format: Live demonstration, presentation, and Q&A session

To attend the live demo event, interested individuals can register through the 3D HoloGroup website at https://3dhologroup.com/prcom05272023/. Registered attendees will receive additional information and instructions closer to the event date.

About 3D HoloGroup:

3D HoloGroup is a pioneering company at the forefront of Augmented Reality (AR) innovation. With a dedication to developing cutting-edge solutions, the company aims to transform industries and improve lives through immersive AR experiences. By blending the virtual and physical worlds, 3D HoloGroup creates dynamic tools and products that revolutionize communication, learning, and productivity.

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