3DHoloPool Cover 3D HOLOPOOL

The World’s first Augmented Reality Billiards Game!

3DHoloPool, Billiards at it’s best! Play a single-player game of pool on your Magic Leap to hone your skills.

The ability to play a game of billiards in your living room, even if you don’t have a pool table! This 1 player game allows you to practice up on your billiards game, includes a full rack and pool cue and a cue ball. Ability to place the table in your own space, rotate the table to better view angles of your shot and easily re-rack the pool balls with a click of a button. We are constantly striving to provide better experiences to our users so if you have any issues or recommendations please email us at: support @3dhologroup.com

3DHoloPool currently is available for Magic Leap device(s) at the Magic Leap App Store

More devices coming, please check back for announcements and updates