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Multipurpose Application to Effortlessly and Securely Link, View and Utilize Disparate Corporate Infrastructure by Anyone, Anytime and Anywhere

3DHoloQR was created with the commercial enterprise in mind. With the 3DHoloQR app, an organization can easily track items and inventory while simultaneously assessing supply chain efficiencies, safeguard personnel and environmental safety, evaluate equipment in compliance with government requirements, instantly provide documentation, notes and information useful for marketing and sales – all without interfering with their current procedures – and all by just one person!

How It Works. With a quick scan by a mobile device or view through AR glasses, 3DHoloQR provides:

File Management – Scan or record a report, statement, document, photos and actions of any sort to print-out or append to other documents, files, and more, then quickly link to a master file.

Work Management – Manage work environments, teams, groups and even earlier QR codes for seamless integration into various policies, processes, and inventory.

Training & Education – Interactively collaborate across multiple time zones.

Tracking – Chart the progress of any item for immediate review.

CRM – Instantly provide authorized access to crucial data and customer base requiring immediate action.

Marketing – Communicate and deliver data that provides value for the organization, its customers, clients, and business partners.

To learn more about 3DHoloQR and how it can help your organization become more efficient and less costly while increasing you customer relations initiatives and marketing efforts, contact us. Our team of talented engineers, technical gurus, industry professionals, and importantly, AR design and implementation experts, all with hands-on experience in multiple dynamic technologies can provide you with just what you’re looking for – which is just about anything the mind can create! Want a little interactive fun to go with it? Ask us how.

3DHoloQR. Several Problems. One Solution.

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