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3DHoloAppDev – or – Simply AppDev Database Application

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AppDev Application for Databases

Developing and maintaining databases can be a nightmare, so why not have the application of your dreams? 3DHoloGroup has developed the world’s first intuitive AR application for building and maintaining databases. How does it work? For starters, no typing necessary. AppDev, through HoloLens 2 AR glasses, empowers you to build databases through simple hand gestures and voice commands. Whether building databases for applications or websites, AppDev can make any “db” task much easier, yielding increases in efficiency, productivity, and company performance.

AppDev is the ultimate – cost effective – easy to use – database builder – and servicing database application for augmented reality.


AppDev is available for Microsoft HoloLens, with more hardware options in the future.  To download AppDev from the Microsoft Store for HoloLens click here.


For the latest instruction manual on how to use AppDev click here.