cg1170x450 CAREGIVERS

Goal of this page – Highlight the difficulties patients and their caregivers can experience with current AAC technology when being used in the real world. Show that AR Glasses would help their patients be further immersed in the real world. The tech is much more intuitive and can not only help the patient better interpret and express information but help others better receive their output and train themselves on how to help the patient.

We understand that as the primary point of contact for patients, caretakers have an integral role in the continued well being for speech-impaired impatiens. While developing our product, we want to ensure ease for both the patient and their caretaker. We want to ensure that our AR glasses maintain a high degree of ease and accessibility while revolutionizing the SGD market.

There have been minimal changes in SGD technology in recent times. Unfortunately, this has resulted in current devices, such as tablets, lacking a high degree of efficiency in the real world. With 3DHologroup’s new AR glasses, speech-assistive technology will no longer hinder interpersonal interactions. Furthermore, our AR glasses are far better suited to meet the needs of the various speech-impairments out there. Their software can train itself to understand the issues the patient is having, and then intelligently respond to them.

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