CommunicatAR Launch


Combining Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality

CommunicatAR™ allows users with motor speech disorders such as dysarthria, a disorder resulting from a brain injury or neurological condition that can affect one or more speech subsystems, to more effectively communicate with people around them. These neurological diseases and disorders can affect the human brain at any age.  CommunicatAR™ with the augmented reality (AR) hardware and along with I-SAID on board creates the first of it’s kind speech generating device (SGD).

CommunicatAR™ combines the power of artificial intelligence (AI) with holographic displays, offering users an unparalleled immersive communication experience. By subscribing to this innovative platform, individuals and organizations can access a new dimension of virtual communication.

The CommunicatAR device represents a significant leap forward in assistive technology, providing a much-needed solution for individuals who face challenges in expressing themselves verbally. By leveraging the power of augmented reality and AI, CommunicatAR translates non-verbal cues and gestures into meaningful speech, enabling users to communicate with those around them in real-time.

Key features of the CommunicatAR speech generating device include:

  1. Augmented Reality Interface: CommunicatAR utilizes an intuitive AR interface, overlaying virtual elements onto the user’s immediate environment. This immersive experience enhances communication and enables seamless interaction with others.
  2. Artificial Intelligence-Powered Translation: The device leverages advanced AI algorithms to recognize and interpret speech patterns. It then converts these patterns into spoken language, enabling users to convey their thoughts and ideas effectively.
  3. Customizable Vocabulary and Expressions: CommunicatAR allows users to personalize their communication experience by tailoring the device’s vocabulary and expressions to suit their specific needs. This flexibility ensures that individuals can express themselves with accuracy and authenticity.
  4. Real-Time Communication: CommunicatAR facilitates real-time communication, enabling individuals with speech disabilities to engage in conversations, express their emotions, and participate actively in social interactions.

To ensure a successful launch, 3D HoloGroup has collaborated with leading experts in speech pathology, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence. The device has undergone extensive testing and refinement to ensure optimal performance and user experience

You can help alleviate the frustration and stress that your clients feel when their ability to speak has been taken away, and you have a choice about how you can do that.  You can ask them to look down at a device or communication board, or you can give them our Augmented Reality Glasses that enable your client to see the world around them.

If you had the opportunity, why not open up the world to your clients again?  Help them express themselves.  Help them connect with their loved ones.  Help them get their life back, all while changing the face of speech generating devices forever.


“Your pioneering efforts to integrate artificial intelligence along with facial and object recognition will make it easier for patients to have a voice.“

-Rachel, SLP in Brooklyn, New York

“It’s exciting to see advancing technology being applied in a way to help individuals with complex communication needs.  The commitment that 3D has for ensuring ongoing training and support for SLPs, caregivers, and patients is an added bonus.”

-Kristin, SLP in Chester County, Pennsylvania

“Your commitment to provide SLP’s, patients and caretakers ongoing training and support will contribute to everyone’s success.”

-Christine, SLP in Los Angeles, California

    “We Give People a Voice”