Returns, Warranties, and Terms

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There are terms and conditions that apply to transactions at 3D HoloGroup (aka By placing an order or making a purchase at 3D HoloGroup, you agree the terms set forth below along with 3D Hologroup’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

Each product has different terms regarding their return, refund, and warranty.  Please refer to the appropriate product.


Product terms and conditions

3D HoloGroup follows the same guidelines as the manufacture’s in which can also be viewed at MAD Gaze’s website.

MAD Gaze GLOW and GLOW Plus – Full refund on returns in the first 7 days from date customer receives the product(s), and after day 7 a 20% re-stocking fee will apply.  All products and returns must be returned in original box, packaging, and all items that came with it.  Anything missing, damaged, scratched, visibility of usage will not be accepted.  3D HoloGroup reserves the right to make final determinations.  Returns are accepted subjected to the additional terms and conditions of Warranty found in the Warranty Section.
Additional Product Terms

The purchase and use of MAD Gaze products are subject to additional terms and conditions of Warranty found in the Warranty Section.

We strongly do not recommend you to make any modifications to the software on MAD Gaze products. Should you be unable to use your MAD Gaze products due to software modifications, repairs will not be covered under the warranty.  Information is available in the User Guide on page 11.

Warranty Section

We want to make sure you are satisfied with the product you purchased from MAD Gaze Mall, therefore, we provide all-round Three Guarantees Service.

Please refer to the Quick User Guide which comes along with the product you purchased for the warranty details. You should follow the instructions of using the product. Warranty period will be counted from the day the product is activated. If the product is malfunctioned, a return, replace or repair will be provided for free by providing valid supporting or maintenance records.

Warranty services are valid under normal usage or application only. The following conditions are excluded from the Three Guarantees and there will be reasonable charge for the warranty service:

(a) the free maintenance period of the product has expired;
(b) mechanical failure due to application of fittings not recognized by our company;
(c) damage caused by failing to operate the product according to the manual, or incorrect or improper handling of the product;
(d) malfunction caused by improper use, maintenance or storage;
(e) products natural wear and tear (including, but not limited to outer case, display, attachments);
(f) damage caused by force majeure;
(g) all the losses and damage caused by environmental factors, such as rough handling, temperature, and other factors which beyond MAD Gaze’s control;
(h) if user cracked the Android system, or illegally obtained the root privileges, causing malfunction of this product, we reserve the right to refuse providing warranty service.

All repairs and service are through the main MAD Gaze website and the MAD Gaze product website.

MAD Gaze Vader


MAD Gaze will will provide an all-round Three Guarantees Service for your MAD Gaze Vader smart glasses according to “The Warranty Regulations of Three Guarantees” enacted by relevant authorities in People’s Republic of China.

Please refer to pages 23-28 in the Vader guidebook or