slp1170x450 Speech-Language Pathologists

Goal of this page – Demonstrate that AR Glasses could replace current AAC devices (tablets) that are being administered to patients. Show that we have gone through a diligent process of meeting with SLPs and thoroughly interpreting their feedback on the device and concept. Show that the AR Glasses would have a tremendous improvement on current AAC technology and that it could help SLPs overcome challenges in training.

We at 3DHologroup understand the important role that Speech-Language Pathologists play in the lives of speech-impaired patients. Your thorough regard for the well-being and improvement of your patients is one we share. We want to not only facilitate the improvement of Speech Generating technology but also be as helpful as possible to SLPs that evaluate new devices and seek to improve the quality of life for their patients.

There undoubtedly exist issues with the level of current SGDs that are meant to help speech-impaired patients. Using the emergence of advanced and accessible technology, we want to raise the bar for SGDs and truly provide a better experience for patients.

While creating our product, we want to make sure that it meets our expectations and those of the patients and their families. In order to accomplish this goal, we are always working with SLPs and gathering their feedback.

We would love for you to get acquainted with our product and see first-hand its potential to make a difference.

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