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“We Give People a Voice”

Imagine a speech generating device that can help your client stay engaged with the world around them, without having to look down at a tablet or phone.

A device that can help your patient communicate with their loved ones, all while looking up at the world around them.

Imagine a device that gives your client all the tools they need to communicate…without you having to program it, that learns about the way your client communicates, and that begins to anticipate what your client might want or need based on where they are.  Sound like the future?

The future is here.  3D HoloGroup is happy to present CommunicatAR, Augmented Reality Glasses that help your client meet their communicative needs using cutting edge technology.  Our augmented reality glasses help your client stay oriented and aware of their surroundings, while providing them with the ability to use language with a slight movement of the head, even when their speech is not reliably understood

You can help alleviate the frustration and stress that your clients feel when their ability to speak has been taken away, and you have a choice about how you can do that.  You can ask them to look down at a device or communication board.  Or you can give them our Augmented Reality Glasses that enable your client to see the world around them.

If you had the opportunity, why not open up the world to your clients again?  Help them express themselves.  Help them connect with their loved ones.  Help them get their life back, all while changing the face of speech generating devices forever.


Our clinical trials are beginning operation! If you are a patient or caregiver that is looking for a revolutionary speech generating tool, 3DHologroup may be able to help. We have developed a unique solution to speech generation that uses wearable lenses and augmented reality software to make a speech generating device that is faster and more intuitive than any alternative option. In turn, our product is capable of addressing a wide variety of speech-impairing conditions.

We are about to invite a limited number of qualified candidates to participate in our free trial program. If you are a speech-language pathologist, caregiver, or potential user, you may be eligible to participate in our trials and gain access to our product at no cost.

For more on how to become a part of our clinical trials, please click here to contact us!


“Your pioneering efforts to integrate artificial intelligence along with facial and object recognition will make it easier for patients to have a voice.“

-Rachel, SLP in Brooklyn, New York

“It’s exciting to see advancing technology being applied in a way to help individuals with complex communication needs.  The commitment that 3D has for ensuring ongoing training and support for SLPs, caregivers, and patients is an added bonus.”

-Kristin, SLP in Chester County, Pennsylvania

“Your commitment to provide SLP’s, patients and caretakers ongoing training and support will contribute to everyone’s success.”

-Christine, SLP in Los Angeles, California

    “We Give People a Voice”