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Augmented Reality: What’s Coming In 2020?


Augmented Reality hasn’t found true broad product market fit, yet. In spite of general understanding of how augmented reality hardware and software intuitively work together — put on glasses to see the real world overlaid with digital objects and signage — the technology needed to actually get there has proven hard to apply. Here are a few trends we are seeing as we move into 2020:

Trend #1: Augmented Reality as a novel way of shopping

We expect least 100+ million users are expected to utilize AR-enabled shopping technologies in 2020, which is one of the hottest retail trends of this year with that number continuing to grow exponentially. The boom in mobile devices that employ AR means the sector is now in a prime position to capitalize on this trend. Developers, retailers and customers are now comfortably using them as part of their daily experience.

Trend #2: AR for navigation solutions

One of the most obvious use cases for AR technologies is indoor navigation, and 2019 is expected to be the year that the average consumer gets their first real taste of its potential. People already lean heavily on maps services from both Google and Apple to get around outside, but indoor navigation stands to be the use case that blows the public away.

Trend #3: AR for on the job training

In 2020, the enterprise space will see substantial adoption of AR technology to train highly specialized members of the workforce with on-demand knowledge. Training cost U.S. businesses $87 billion in 2018 alone — and that’s probably a conservative estimate. After all the travel expenses, convention center rentals and those huge urns of burnt coffee–well, there’s got to be some efficiencies to realize, right?

Obviously not every type of training makes sense for AR. But according to research from Todd Maddox with Amalgam Insights, the brain is naturally hardwired to forget. As a result, organizations should look for high-quality learning and development solutions that help employees retain essential knowledge, or ones that provide access to that knowledge in the moment it’s needed. Augmented reality is proving to be an effective medium for delivering intuitive, real-time information so workers can complete sophisticated tasks with little to no prior training.

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